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Book of RealityNow Available! The Next Two Diadem Novels! A two-part story in which Pixel decides to go home.

In Book of Reality, Pixel takes Jenna to meet his parents – only they're missing. As he looks for them, he discovers that the world of virtual reality where he used to live is actually a lie. A strange force is controlling the destinies of everyone on his planet.

Diadem Book of DoomIn Book of Doom, Score is betrayed and trapped on the deadliest world yet, with no way off. Pixel is possessed, Helaine is attacked on Jewel, and only Jenna can save them all from the worst enemy of all – the Three Who Rule...

Book of OceansBook of Oceans!
Jenna, the young healer from Helaine's home planet, has joined Score, Pixel, and Helaine in their quest to keep the Diadem safe from diabolical forces. But Helaine and Jenna's rivalry threatens to break up the group.

Seeking peace, the four magic-users head to Brine, a quiet water-covered world with floating islands and telepathic sea creatures, for a relaxing beach holiday. Instead, they find themselves in the midst of a deadly pirate attack...


Book of War"Book of War",
the first new DIADEM novel in 8 years is now out!

Three teenagers – one from New York, one from a world stuck in Medieval times and one who lives in a world of Virtual Reality – are mysteriously attacked. They are saved by strange beings who transport them to another world. Here they discover that they have strong powers of magic, but need training. Can they survive long enough to discover the truth about their past, to learn to live together in the present, and to face up to the terrible secrets in their future?

DIADEM NEWS (May, 2005): Llewellyn has now licensed the DIADEM publishing
rights to Taiwan.

DIADEM NEWS (Feb. 14, 2005): Llewellyn Publications has licensed subsidiary rights of Russian language translations for the first four DIADEM books. DIADEM now joins several of John Peel's other novels to be have been released in foreign countries, such as Italy, Taiwan, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, and Portugal.

DIADEM BOOKS 1) Book of Name 2) Book of Signs 3) Book of Magic 4) Book of Thunder 5) Book of Earth 6) Book of Nightmares 7) Book of War 8) Book of Oceans 9) Book of Reality 10) Book of Doom WORKS IN PROGRESS! 11) Book of Time - I'm writing this at the moment 12) Book of Games

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